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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

setup ODBC access in R or RStudio

  1. make sure unixODBC development lib is installed.
    [root@localhost yiyujia]# yum list | grep unixODBC
    unixODBC.x86_64                         2.2.14-12.el6_3                @updates 
    freeradius-unixODBC.x86_64              2.1.12-4.el6_3                 base     
    unixODBC.i686                           2.2.14-12.el6_3                base     
    unixODBC-devel.i686                     2.2.14-12.el6_3                base     
    unixODBC-devel.x86_64                   2.2.14-12.el6_3                base     
    unixODBC-kde.i686                       2.2.14-12.el6_3                base     
    unixODBC-kde.x86_64                     2.2.14-12.el6_3                base 
    [root@localhost yiyujia]# yum install unixODBC-devel.x86_64
  2. Inside R or Rstudio, run the following command to install RODBC package.
    install.packages("RODBC", dependencies = TRUE)