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Sunday, March 18, 2012

install eclipse on CentOS

1) Download eclipse

2) tar -xvf eclipse into directory /usr/lib/eclipse or /usr/share/eclipse

3) using alternatives configure eclipse command
alternatives --install /usr/bin/eclipse eclipse /usr/lib/eclipse/eclipse 99

4) vi /usr/share/applications/eclipse.desktop and add content

[Desktop Entry]
Comment=Eclipse Juno

Saturday, March 10, 2012

install egroupware 1.8 on CentOS 6 or Fedora

  1. login and switch to su accoutn
  2. Install EPEL: rpm -ivh
    Note: version number may be changed
  3. Make sure system is up to date: yum update
  4. install PHP mcrypt package: yum install php-mcrypt
  5. go to yum repository: cd /etc/yum.repos.d/
  6. download eGroupware repo info: wget
  7. Install eGroupware: yum install eGroupware and you will get error messaage, which says database connection problem
  8. /usr/share/egroupware/doc/rpm-build
  9. Edit file post_install.php to add password for root@locahost of local mysql server instance.

    gedit post_install.php
    for example:
    'db_root' ='root', // mysql root user/pw to create database
    'db_root_pw' = '123456',

  10. run post install script: post_install.php.
    script will show you user account name and password
  11. access http://localhost/egroupware/ and done

Here is a list of competetors of eGroupware: competetors.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Configure maven in netbeans and Eclipse to share the same local repository

Netbeans 7.1.1

  1. On Windows machine, go to folder C:\Program Files\NetBeans 7.1.1\java\maven\conf
  2. Edit file settings.xml

Eclipse Indigo

  1. Open Eclipse, click menu Windows --> Preferences --> Maven --> User Settings
  2. Input path to your settings.xml
You can either make netbeans and eclipse to share same settings.xml file or edit their settings.xml seperatly and make them to point to same local repository. On my machine, I make them to point to same local repository by adding the following in settings.xml files,