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Saturday, March 10, 2012

install egroupware 1.8 on CentOS 6 or Fedora

  1. login and switch to su accoutn
  2. Install EPEL: rpm -ivh
    Note: version number may be changed
  3. Make sure system is up to date: yum update
  4. install PHP mcrypt package: yum install php-mcrypt
  5. go to yum repository: cd /etc/yum.repos.d/
  6. download eGroupware repo info: wget
  7. Install eGroupware: yum install eGroupware and you will get error messaage, which says database connection problem
  8. /usr/share/egroupware/doc/rpm-build
  9. Edit file post_install.php to add password for root@locahost of local mysql server instance.

    gedit post_install.php
    for example:
    'db_root' ='root', // mysql root user/pw to create database
    'db_root_pw' = '123456',

  10. run post install script: post_install.php.
    script will show you user account name and password
  11. access http://localhost/egroupware/ and done

Here is a list of competetors of eGroupware: competetors.

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