Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Implementing Rich Internet Application as a desktop application

We have been talking about Rich Internet Application for years now. However, have you even thought about using RIA to implement a desktop application? I have had this idea for years. I think it will be wonderful for me to share this with others. Below is a high level architecture design for this.

A cutting age desktop application architecture design.
The benefit of this design is clear,
  1.  This will be more than a desktop application. It will be a service running on Windows or Linux.
  2. Once this framework is done. Only java Web developers are needed as manpower resource. 
  3. As generally accepted, compared with using traditional desktop widget toolkit, it will be easier for developer to make GUI with JavaScript toolkits like ExtJS, Dojo, jQuery etc. We all have wonderful experienced with modern Web user interface.
  4. As both server and client is located on user's desktop, many security restriction can be walked around. Our standalone java application can still do what ever it wants to do. 
  5. JRE is free. jetty is free. They are even free for redistribution.
  6. Furthermore, I can make a customized web browser to let user feel that they are just using a beautiful desktop application, which is fully created by me. \
Isn't this design interesting? Contact with me for more detailed technical design.

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