Monday, May 10, 2010

Configure auto login on Fedora 13 or Fedora 14

I was tired about typing password on my home notebook every time when I turn it on. Especially, I want to turn it on and leave for doing other things. Then, I do not need to waste time on waiting it to boot up. After doing searching online and trying, the below is the way to enable the auto login for GNOME. And, it is the same if I want enable KDE desktop auto login. It seems wired. But, I think it is reasonable because there is no reason to let KDE not auto login if the GNOME's auto login has been enabled.

To enable auto login in Fedora 13 is simple,
  1.  change account to be su 
  2. open file /etc/gdm/custom.conf in a text editor
  3. change or add below into the file

This works on Fedora 14 as well.

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