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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

upgrade Fedora 13 to Fedora 14

I have been waiting for Fedora 14 for months as Fedora 13 has screen flickers (see bug report here) on my notebook. Fedora 14 was released yesterday. I luckily upgrade my notebook from Fedora 13 to Fedora 14 without problem. I just followed the instruction from Fedora forum. I will list the command here,

1) type su to be a root user.
2) run command yum update rpm
3) run command yum -y update to make sure upgrading Fedora 13 to the latest version. If new Fedora 13 kernel is installed at this step, reboot is required.
4) run command yum clean all
5) run command yum -install preupgrade
6) run command preupgrade-cli and find the valid entry
7) run command preupgrade-cli "Fedora 14 (Laughlin)"
8) answered yes during the upgrading and waited patiently.

The only problem I got is that preupgrade GUI does not work. It shows the windows. But, I can not make selection in its drop down box. So, I use preupgrade-cli and it works. I installed both GNOME and KDE in my Fedora 13. preupgrade-cli upgraded my desktop environment too. Btw, I think we need to leave enough spare space on hard drive for upgrading as I saw somebody complain the upgrade command does not work and the error message shows the enough hard drive space.

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