Thursday, February 2, 2012

reset linux password for a forgot user account

It is funny that I forgot both user name and password for an OpenSuse virtual machine, which I created and had not used it. Fortunately, I remembered I can boot linux in single user mode to reset password. I write it down here in case i forget password for other copy of linux again.

1) When boot linux with GRUB, press key "e" or move cursor up/down to see boot option editing line.

2) add "single init=/bin/bash" at the end of boot option line

3) once booting up linux, type "passwd root" to reset root password.

4) For my case, I even forgot the user name I created before. So, I go to "/home" and list sub directory there. I saw a folder called "yiyu" there. So, I know the user account I created before is "yiyu".

5) type "passwd yiyu" to reset my user account password.

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