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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

set up Grail on Groovy environment on CentOS

yiyujia@hadoopDev:~ $ curl -s | bash
yiyujia@hadoopDev:~ $ source "/root/.gvm/bin/"
yiyujia@hadoopDev:~ $ gvm help
yiyujia@hadoopDev:~ $ gvm install groovy
yiyujia@hadoopDev:~ $ gvm install grails
yiyujia@hadoopDev:~ $ gvm install grails 2.2.4
yiyujia@hadoopDev:~ $ grails
| Enter a script name to run. Use TAB for completion: 
grails> quit
| Goodbye
yiyujia@hadoopDev:~ $ #Grails Metadata file #Wed Jun 05 11:45:00 PST 2014 app.grails.version=2.2.4 app.servlet.version=2.4 app.version=1.5

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