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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

PHP DB2 extension should support features like timeout checking.

I ran into very troublesome problem when I use DB2 connection from PHP to call RPG stored procedure. What happened is described in the following diagram.
As you can see, if calling a bad configured RPG stored procedure from PHP through DB2 extension on the same machine where Zend server and DB2 are installed, Zend Server may hang and it can not even be restarted from Zend Menu in green screen of i5/OS.

The appeared phenomenon is that QSQSRVR jobs is under MSGW status and seems the waiting status will never be broken. I am not sure which part exactly causes this. But, I think adding a time-out check mechanism in PHP DB2 extension on IBM i could be considered. The detailed discussion can be found from Zend Forums.

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