Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A war to occupy Internet user's Web browser

Do you see the strange characters "%20" in below HTML fragment? It represents white space. I have to put white space there. why? Because google uses iframe to redirect my browser to its igoogle application portal if I happen to have an alive log on session with google. So, google definitely does not want to live as part of other web application. It wants to be always on the top. This is an evidence to determine this. I am not saying I do not like google. I like google. I just speak out one thing I observed.

So above HTML snippet is a popular way for Web developer to include eternal web site into a Div area. This redirecting can be prevent if I add iFrame redirect event listener and block the redirect. However, this way has to popup a dialogue and ask user to choose "cancel" button to stay in current page. However, it is ugly to ask user to do this!

I have not found a way to silently block this kind actions from google web site. I do not know how many portal web site do this. But, I am really aware that a war about occupying Web browser screen is quietly going on! Probably, Web community need to define new rule to prevent this from happening? Then, developers can have more freedom to build their creative work.

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