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Monday, August 5, 2013

install hive


tar -xvf hive-0.8.1-bin.tar.gz 

ln -s /hadoop/hive-0.8.1-bin /hive


#set HADOOP_HOME env
export HADOOP_HOME=/hadoop/hadoop

#set HIVE_HOME env
export HIVE_HOME=/hive

export PATH

yum grouplist | grep -i mysql
yum groupinfo "MySQL Database server"
yum groupinstall "MySQL Database server"

service mysqld start chkconfig mysqld on && service mysqld restart && chkconfig --list | grep mysqld mysql -uroot -p create database hive; create user 'hive'@'%' identified by '123456'; GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON hive.* TO 'hive'@'%' WITH GRANT OPTION; /etc/ system-configure-firewall open 3066 hive-site.xml hive.metastore.local true controls whether to connect to remove metastore server or open a new metastore server in Hive Client JVM javax.jdo.option.ConnectionURL jdbc:mysql:// JDBC connect string for a JDBC metastore javax.jdo.option.ConnectionDriverName com.mysql.jdbc.Driver Driver class name for a JDBC metastore javax.jdo.option.ConnectionUserName hive username to use against metastore database javax.jdo.option.ConnectionPassword 123456 password to use against metastore database

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