Thursday, August 1, 2013

setup linux VM in Azure cloud

  1. log into Microsoft Azure control port
  2. click the New button as shown in the picture. 

  3. Input necessary info into fields as shown in the picture.  To lauch CentOS VM,I use OpenLogic CentoOS 7 image.  
  4. Click side bar Virtual Machine icon. And, click Dashboard. You can find the DNS name at the place where red arrow pointing at. 

  5. Using SSH client to login created VM:  ssh
  6. Using command to reset root account password:   a) sudo -s    b) passwd 
  7. If ssh key is not uploaded when the VM is created and you want to have passphraseless login, please refer to another blog post "configure passphraseless SSH login among CentOS servers" (no keychain installation needed).

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