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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Be sure to check httpd "AllowOverride" setting for your Zend Framework app

Yesterday, I installed Zend Server CE ver 5.0.3 Windows x86 on my machine. Then, I used Zend Studio 7.2 to create a default ZF project. However, I find that I always got 404 error that means page is not found.

How can it be? Zend Studio actually put whole project files under Apache httpd's htdocs folder already. First thing I suspect is that I dont have .htaccess  file defined or it defines wrong rules? Then, I spend time on finding .htaccess file and checking its rules definition. However, it seems there is nothing wrong but my ZF application can not run!

Finally, I go to Apache httpd configuration folder and open the httpd.conf file and zend.conf file. Here, I found the problem. And it is so trivial and I feel I am stupid that I wasted time on checking .htaccess files. Zend server sets its apache httpd configuration with "AllowOverride None". Therefore, those .htaccess file I keep on checking is totally ignored by httpd! I changed it to be "AllowOverride All" and my ZF application works immediately. This is not a safe configuration. However, it is just a local web server for developing purpose. It is Ok.

I do not know whether this could be called as Zend Server's bug or not. Zend Server or Zend Studio should modify this setting for developers if they declare themselves as seamless integrated development environment for ZF developers. However, it is really not difficult for developers to correct this setting if they keep in mind of this. After getting this lesson, I think I will always remember to check this setting after I freshly install a Zend Server. 

If interested, official site to describe Apache httpd "AllowOverride" configuration is here .

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