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Thursday, October 28, 2010

tutorial about setting up multiple breakpoints for different PHP script files in Zend Studio

After trying Zend Studio 7.2 and 8.0 Beta, I have to say that Zend Studio manual does not fully describe its features. Especially, I can not find info about how to properly set up multiple breakpoints in its manual .

What happened is, after initializing a ZF project with default settings in ZS, I find that I can only make debugging break point in the first PHP script, which is /public/index.php . Zend Debugger ignores other breakpoints set in other PHP scripts, where those complex logical are implemented. After studying, I find that we need to change the default debug configurations to make multiple breakpoints to work. The steps are as below,

1) right click your project in PHP Explorer window and select Properties for properties window.
2) Select  "PHP Include Path" --> "Libraries"
3) Remove the default libraries of Zend Framework, which belong to Zend Studio.
4) Add the Zend Framework directory under your local Zend server directory as library. Now you can see the screen like below,
5) Click menu "Run" --> "Debug Configurations..." . select or create your debug configuration settings.
6) Click "Configure..." button under the "server" tab for edit server window.
7) Click "path mapping" tab and create a path mapping entry, which has exactly same path for "server path" and "local path". You will see screen as below,
8) Click "Advanced" tab on "Debug Configurations" window and select radio button "Local copy if available. Otherwise, the server".

Now, you can see that Zend Debugger can stop at breakpoints in PHP scripts other than the first page scripts.

For better understand the debugger in Zend Studio, here is one link: click.

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