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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Zend_Soap does not have build-in support for WSS headers.

I am disappointed to find that Zend_Soap_Client does not support WSS tag. When I talked to some PHP programmers, I found that they only talk about HTTP authentication. It is true that we can protect our Web Service by putting HTTP authentication at the front of the Web service. We can further adding SSL on WS. But, all of these methods are belong to HTTP layer. In fact, Web Service standard defines security head tags for authentication and encryption purpose.

It will be disadvantage of ZF not to support WSS tags especially when other languages have supported it. In Java world, we have Axis2 and WSS4J. There are some extensions in PHP to support WSS. But I wish Zend will put WSS support in Zend_Soap soon. Otherwise, there will be doubt when we will apply Zend_Soap in enterprise application solution. I put my message in zend wiki. click here.

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